Our Services

Here are some of the landscaping services we provide:


  • Retaining Walls

  • Driveways

  • Pathways

  • Steps

  • Water Features

  • Lawns

  • Pools

  • Planting


We have over 20 years of landscaping experience on the Central Coast and in the suburbs of North Sydney.


Pathway with stepping stones set in pebble and river stone boulders complimented by tough ground cover and agave.


Lawn installed as a cool surface next to the swiming pool. Sir Walter Buffalo is tough, green in shade, needs less mowing and stands up to wear and tear. We also like to use Kikuyu, Couch, Matilda Buffalo, etc.


Concrete, sand coloured pavers as a pool surround, block retaining walls and fluted, bagged steps using bullnose paver treads.

Water Features

An innovative raised lawn with garden and large, Ming Blue, ceramic garden urn as a sparkling, eye catching water feature.


Sloping garden bed planted out with spreading ground covers of silver grey gazania as well as Australian Natives in the background and sandstone gravel.


Paved driveway of stenciled epoxy two coat concrete. Brick retaining on either side featuring French Provinical garden walls and designer French Provinical wrought iron gate with a matching frieze on top.

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